Wanderlust 里显示 diff 高亮

有人刚在 wl 邮件列表里问怎给邮件发的 patch 高亮,我写了个简单的扩展。

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这样在emacs中读邮件就舒服多了 :grinning:


Ito san 在 Wanderlust 中直接整合这个功能了。

> >> (add-hook 'mime-display-text/plain-hook #'conditional-enable-diff)
> > Thanks ldb, I will try this out and see if I am successful :)
> You'r welcome.
> I have just made an .el file that can just be `required' in .wl
> to support the diff highlighting, now also in text/x-diff,
> text/x-patch, application/x-patch attachment types, tested with
> my emacs-devel list archives and it seems work fine.

I've integrated the feature into the repository.  wl-highlight-body-too
and wl-highlight-text/diff variables control diff text highlighting.
Updating SEMI-EPG is required.

Kazuhiro Ito
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