Vim 按键 Nnoremap ; : 如何在Emacs里面设置

我正在尝试从vim转到spacemacs,有很多设置需要一点点迁移过来,比如’nnoremap ; :’,在spacemacs中应该怎么配置?

已解决: put this under user-config():

  (define-key evil-normal-state-map ";" 'evil-ex)

Update on this, official way to implement, meanwhile enter helm with SPC ;

The command key used for Evil commands (ex-commands) and Emacs commands (M-x). By default the command key is :, so ex-commands are executed like in Vim with : and Emacs commands are executed with <leader> :

so change default: dotspacemacs-command-key ":" to: dotspacemacs-command-key ";"

then you can enter ex-commands with ; and helm with 'SPC ;` directly.

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