TIL: 按 ESC + X 来打开 minibuffer

使用 ESC + X 可以打开 minibuffer,可以不用按 M-x 啦。



按一次 Esc 等于按住 Meta,这个是一直就有的啊。


确切的说不是 Esc-x,而是先按一次 Esc 然后再按 x。


You can also type Meta characters using two-character sequences
starting with <ESC>.  Thus, you can enter `M-a' by typing `<ESC> a'.
You can enter `C-M-a' by typing `<ESC> C-a'.  Unlike <META>, <ESC> is
entered as a separate character.  You don't hold down <ESC> while
typing the next character; instead, press <ESC> and release it, then
enter the next character.  This feature is useful on certain text
terminals where the <META> key does not function reliably.
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