Spacemacs 中 zshell 出现乱码

如题所述: 我使用的是 Spacemacs develop 版本. 其中在 dired-mode 先使用按键来进入 zshell. 代码如下:

(evilified-state-evilify-map dired-mode-map
        :mode dired-mode
        (kbd "C-k") 'hurricane/dired-up-directory
        "E" 'dired-toggle-read-only
        "C" 'dired-do-copy
        "<mouse-2>" 'my-dired-find-file
        "`" 'dired-open-terminal
        "p" 'peep-dired-prev-file
        "n" 'peep-dired-next-file
        "z" 'dired-get-size
        "c" 'dired-copy-file-here
        "J" 'counsel-find-file
        "f" 'hurricane/open-file-with-projectile-or-counsel-git
        ")" 'dired-omit-mode)
(defun dired-open-terminal ()
  "Open an `ansi-term' that corresponds to current directory."
  (let* ((current-dir (dired-current-directory))
         (buffer (if (get-buffer "*zshell*")
                     (switch-to-buffer "*zshell*")
                   (ansi-term "/bin/zsh" "zshell")))
         (proc (get-buffer-process buffer)))
     (if (file-remote-p current-dir)
         (let ((v (tramp-dissect-file-name current-dir t)))
           (format "ssh %[email protected]%s\n"
                   (aref v 1) (aref v 2)))
       (format "cd '%s'\n" current-dir)))))

这时在 zshell 会出现乱码. 具体可以看图:

其中图一是在 iTerm2 中正常的样子. 图二是在 zshell 中, 7a742f9 这个 Git 哈希值前面的一个小图标就变成了乱码. 我在论坛上找了一圈, 发现这个帖子:【已解决】SPC + ‘ 启动shell,但是一直乱码 - #2,来自 wiky_Y, 里面的方法我都试过了, 没能解决. 不知道有谁知道还有什么办法, 或者思路?