orgmode 9.2 template 的文档在哪里?

终于有时间折腾一下 orgmode 了,最新的 template 应该怎样写?文档里没找到?


我用 org 有一段时间了,但是仍然被 org 时不时的 breaking change 给坑了,

没办法,滚动更新就得心理足够强大,不然多少键盘也不够摔的 :joy:

Change in the structure template expansion

Org 9.2 comes with a new template expansion mechanism, combining org-insert-structure-template bound to C-c C-, .

If you customized the org-structure-template-alist option manually, you probably need to udpate it, see the docstring for accepted values.

If you prefer using previous patterns, e.g. <s , you can activate them again by requiring Org Tempo library:

(require 'org-tempo)

or add it to org-modules .

If you need complex templates, look at the tempo-define-template function or at solutions like Yasnippet.


我觉得org mode template不如yasnippet好用。。