(setq org-refile-targets '((“E:/org/*.org” :maxlevel . 10)))

这里,我想将条目refile到windows10中E盘下的org文件夹中的某.org文件(以此作为refile目标),根据教程文档,使用C-c C-w后,出再现一个供选择的列表,但我的迷你窗口中并没有出现,反而是这样的: image 请问是怎么回事,可以怎样解决?

C-h v org-refile-targets 文档中没写支持通配符

This is a list of cons cells. Each cell contains:

  • a specification of the files to be considered, either a list of files, or a symbol whose function or variable value will be used to retrieve a file name or a list of file names. If you use org-agenda-files for that, all agenda files will be scanned for targets. Nil means consider headings in the current buffer.