org mode 上线了捐助渠道,喜爱 org 的朋友们可以用钱包支持 org 发展了

9月17号 org mode 主要开发者之一 Bastien 在 org mode邮件组宣布 org mode 的捐助渠道上线,可以用钱包支持 org 发展了: You can now support Org-mode through



From: Bastien @ 2022-09-17 8:32 UTC (permalink / raw) To: emacs-orgmode Dear all, We recently set up a Liberapay team for processing donations made to Org-mode contributors: For now, the team is comprised of Ihor, Timothy (TEC) and me. If you have a Liberapay account and are a maintainer of one of Org’s core file, please don’t hesitate to join this team. The team is also open to non-code contributors: e.g. people who spend time answering questions on this list or enhancing Worg documentation, all these efforts that make Org valuable to everyone. New members are added if current members all agree on adding them. Donations are equally shared among members – for now this amount of donations is 10€ per week, so don’t be shy. Thanks to Ihor for triggering this change. For more context about it, see this thread: Re: Links to javascript-based websites from Paypal and Github - Ihor Radchenko – Bastien

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