Org 如何不在公式中生效 * 等 markup

$(Z^{*}_{m}, \cdot m)$ $(Z^{*}_{m}, \cdot m)$ 类似内容在 Org Mode 中会导致错误地加粗(或者一个公式中出现两个 * 也会导致),有什么方法可以避免么,谢谢

一个思路,用 \star 表示星号

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不知道 lz 解决了没有,我的方法是这样的:

(defun org-do-emphasis-faces (limit)
  "Run through the buffer and emphasize strings."
  (let ((quick-re (format "\\([%s]\\|^\\)\\([~=*/_+]\\)"
			  (car org-emphasis-regexp-components))))
    (catch :exit
      (while (re-search-forward quick-re limit t)
	(let* ((marker (match-string 2))
	       (verbatim? (member marker '("~" "="))))
	  (when (save-excursion
		  (goto-char (match-beginning 0))
+                 ;; Do not match in latex fragments.
+                 (not (texmathp))
		   ;; Do not match table hlines.
		   (not (and (equal marker "+")
			      "[ \t]*\\(|[-+]+|?\\|\\+[-+]+\\+\\)[ \t]*$")))
		   ;; Do not match headline stars.  Do not consider
		   ;; stars of a headline as closing marker for bold
		   ;; markup either.
		   (not (and (equal marker "*")
			       (skip-chars-backward "*")
			       (looking-at-p org-outline-regexp-bol))))
		   ;; Match full emphasis markup regexp.
		   (looking-at (if verbatim? org-verbatim-re org-emph-re))
		   ;; Do not span over paragraph boundaries.
		   (not (string-match-p org-element-paragraph-separate
					(match-string 2)))
		   ;; Do not span over cells in table rows.
		   (not (and (save-match-data (org-match-line "[ \t]*|"))
			     (string-match-p "|" (match-string 4))))))
	    (pcase-let ((`(,_ ,face ,_) (assoc marker org-emphasis-alist))
			(m (if org-hide-emphasis-markers 4 2)))
	       (match-beginning m) (match-end m) 'face face)
	      (when verbatim?
		 (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))
		(remove-text-properties (match-beginning 2) (match-end 2)
					'(display t invisible t intangible t)))
	      (add-text-properties (match-beginning 2) (match-end 2)
				   '(font-lock-multiline t org-emphasis t))
	      (when (and org-hide-emphasis-markers
			 (not (org-at-comment-p)))
		(add-text-properties (match-end 4) (match-beginning 5)
				     '(invisible t))
		(add-text-properties (match-beginning 3) (match-end 3)
				     '(invisible t)))
	      (throw :exit t))))))))
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最近很少在 Org Mode 写作业,也就没太管了,不过还是感谢,有空去你的配置里寻寻好东西