org-babel java执行的时候报错


What if you try to execute the same Org file but inside a folder that does not contain emoji in its name?


路径包含emoji? 但是为啥Rust能执行?也是在同样路径下

ob-java might not properly escape the path. If you can create a reproducer and submit a bug report to Org mode mailing list (Feedback (The Org Manual)), the issue could be fixed.

Ob-Java可能无法正确逃脱这条路。 如果您可以创建一个复制器并将错误报告提交到组织模式邮件列表(,则可以解决此问题。

已解决。好像真的是这个原因 重新设置一下 dir

(nconc org-babel-default-header-args:java
       '((:dir . "/Users/mmmmmcclxxvii/Develop/temp/java/emacs")))