native-compilation getting merged onto master next weekend

AFAICT, we are quite ready to land this important feature.  The branch
was tested on several systems and is in good shape: many issues and
bugs were fixed, and currently no known issues remain that block the
merge.  (There's a lot yet to do wrt documenting the feature and its
various aspects, but that can be done on master after merging.)

If some of you have some unusual or rare or exotic system or Emacs
configuration, and did not yet try building the native-comp branch,
this is your chance to have a go before the merge: please build the
branch and report any issues or problems you bump into.

If no significant issues pop up within a week, I will ask Andrea to
merge the branch onto master the next weekend (i.e. around 17th of

Last, but not least: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Andrea
for his hard work and perseverance during this last year.  We would
not be where we are now with this feature without his devotion and
determination to see this through.  Thanks a lot!
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希望 28.1 早早发布,emacs-mac 随后跟上,使用体验直接 :flight_departure:


这个需求要到mailing list上去反馈,我之前问过,作者的意思是想听听社区反馈再决定要不要加上。


可惜 libgccjit 在 m1 上还用不了


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上周在修bug,symlink无法正常启动emacs的bug :joy:,昨天刚弄好,估计最快这周了

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不知道后续优化之后,能提升几倍性能 :rofl:



emacs 28发布时间有计划吗,会不会像27一样反复的跳票。。

火速编译安装,然后 ivy 闪退了 :joy:


我编译的时候 emacs 用的是 5a264c36, 刚刚看到后面又有两个补丁修复 lisp_string_width 的异常问题。更新到最新的版本 ivy 没闪退了