mbp m1 dbus service无法启动

参照 dbus-osx-examples/README.md at master · zbentley/dbus-osx-examples · GitHub 通过brew来安装

brew install dbus --HEAD
brew services start dbus


brew services start dbus
Bootstrap failed: 5: Input/output error
Try re-running the command as root for richer errors.
Error: Failure while executing; `/bin/launchctl bootstrap gui/501 /Users/vinurs/Library/LaunchAgents/org.freedesktop.dbus-session.plist` exited with 5.

这里 homebrew - dbus-daemon can not started - Ask Different 倒是有个相关的帖子,不过最后也没有啥结论

参照了这里的 在 macos 上启动 dbus - 凡·记 - 墩墩家的幸福生活OnDemand 设置成 false 以后倒是可以启动了,但是我看这里的注释是在 10.4 上才有问题,我现在的系统版本是 12.3.1 , 想问一下是m1系统的朋友在m1上面也是把这个设置成false再启动的吗?

好奇什么情况下 mac 需要 dbus?

另外,问下 m1 上使用 arm linux 好用吗?体验如何?



就是想起之前有人搞 m1 的 linux 移植版,不知道进度咋样了。

Anyway,我找到官网了:The first Asahi Linux Alpha Release is here! - Asahi Linux

What works

All M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max devices are supported except for the Mac Studio.

  • Wi-Fi
  • USB2 (Thunderbolt ports)
  • USB3 (Mac Mini Type A ports)
  • Screen (no GPU)
  • NVMe
  • Lid switch
  • Power button
  • Built-in display (framebuffer only)
  • Built-in keyboard/touchpad
  • Display backlight on/off
  • Battery information / charge control
  • RTC
  • Ethernet (desktops)
  • SD card reader (M1 Pro/Max)
  • CPU frequency switching

M1 machines only (no Pro/Max):

  • Headphones jack (might be flaky)

Mac Mini only:

  • HDMI output

Not yet, but coming soon:

  • USB3
  • Speakers
  • Display controller (backlight brightness control, V-Sync, proper DPMS)

What doesn’t

Everything else, but notably:

  • DisplayPort
  • Thunderbolt
  • HDMI on the MacBooks
  • Bluetooth
  • GPU acceleration
  • Video codec acceleration
  • Neural Engine
  • CPU deep idle
  • Sleep mode
  • Camera
  • Touch Bar

Note: on the 13" MacBook Pro, you can use Fn + the number row keys (1-9, 0, and the next two) as F1…F12 in lieu of the Touch Bar.

Known bugs

  • If Wi-Fi doesn’t work, try toggling it off and on in the network management menu
  • If the headphones jack doesn’t work or only one channel works, try rebooting. There’s a flakiness issue.