fast-emacs 一个性能更好的emacs (基于nativecomp分支)

it is based on Andrea Corallo’s feature/native-comp branch, which contains these small modifications so far:

  • Process IO modification: together with IO-related settings described below, on my computer shell can cat large files 60x faster than original emacs. Working with large log files is much easier this way. Emacs is still slower than fast terminals, but its speed is much more acceptable.
  • Rendering optimization: face lookup by face name is done by hash table instead of linear search. This makes display rendering much faster in certain cases (here’s such a case: when I had the same buffer open in several windows, and in evil mode, I switched to visual mode to select some text, emacs slowed down to ~2 fps. With this modification, slowdown is almost unnoticable).
  • Disable composition. As I don’t use ligatures nor fonts which need composition, I disabled this feature. If you’d like to still use composition, reverse the related commit (it is just 1 line).

题外话:我在最新的native分支上写cpp的时候发现cpp的自动缩进有问题,不知道什么时候开始有的 :sleeping:

前两条都很好啊,最终会进到主分支吗?emacs 28?

edit:看了一下 repo,这就是一个非官方的修改版本啊,前两条不能往官方 emacs 里提交补丁吗?