emacs 打开文本内容描述的一个文件

emacs 选中某处文本内容,内容为一个路径,直接打开该路径,有什么实现方法

比如a.v内容为 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~/cwh/work/b.v aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

emacs 如何选中~/cwh/work/b.v直接打开b.v文件

M-x find-file-at-point 将其绑定到一个你觉得顺手的键上


不用任何操作就打开,不乱了吗 不想打开也自动打开?? image

这样讲光标放在文件路径位置,C-x C-a 效果如下图




我觉得还算方便 哈

有个 thing-at-point 可以判断当前内容,可以试别filename, url等,根据不同的类型执行不同的操作应该早就有了把。


我用的 xah-fly-keys,里面这个函数应该可以满足你需求。绝对路径,相对路径,http这些都可以打开。也不用敲额外的回车。要不试下?

很多时候文件名和其它文本 都是空格分开或是使用 “” 括起来的。这种情况下,不用选中直接就可以打开。

(defun xah-open-file-at-cursor ()
  "Open the file path under cursor.
If there is text selection, uses the text selection for path.
If the path starts with “http://”, open the URL in browser.
Input path can be {relative, full path, URL}.
Path may have a trailing “:‹n›” that indicates line number. If so, jump to that line number.
If path does not have a file extension, automatically try with “.el” for elisp files.
This command is similar to `find-file-at-point' but without prompting for confirmation.

URL `http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_open_file_path_fast.html'
Version 2018-10-08"
  (let* (($inputStr (if (use-region-p)
                        (buffer-substring-no-properties (region-beginning) (region-end))
                      (let ($p0 $p1 $p2
                                ;; chars that are likely to be delimiters of file path or url, e.g. space, tabs, brakets. The colon is a problem. cuz it's in url, but not in file name. Don't want to use just space as delimiter because path or url are often in brackets or quotes as in markdown or html
                                ($pathStops "^  \t\n\"`'‘’“”|()[]{}「」<>〔〕〈〉《》【】〖〗«»‹›❮❯❬❭〘〙·。\\"))
                        (setq $p0 (point))
                        (skip-chars-backward $pathStops)
                        (setq $p1 (point))
                        (goto-char $p0)
                        (skip-chars-forward $pathStops)
                        (setq $p2 (point))
                        (goto-char $p0)
                        (buffer-substring-no-properties $p1 $p2))))
           "^file:///" "/"
            ":\\'" "" $inputStr))))
    (if (string-match-p "\\`https?://" $path)
        (if (fboundp 'xahsite-url-to-filepath)
            (let (($x (xahsite-url-to-filepath $path)))
              (if (string-match "^http" $x )
                  (browse-url $x)
                (find-file $x)))
          (progn (browse-url $path)))
      (if ; not starting “http://”
          (string-match "^\\`\\(.+?\\):\\([0-9]+\\)\\'" $path)
          (let (
                ($fpath (match-string 1 $path))
                ($line-num (string-to-number (match-string 2 $path))))
            (if (file-exists-p $fpath)
                  (find-file $fpath)
                  (goto-char 1)
                  (forward-line (1- $line-num)))
              (when (y-or-n-p (format "file no exist: 「%s」. Create?" $fpath))
                (find-file $fpath))))
        (if (file-exists-p $path)
            (progn ; open f.ts instead of f.js
              (let (($ext (file-name-extension $path))
                    ($fnamecore (file-name-sans-extension $path)))
                (if (and (string-equal $ext "js")
                         (file-exists-p (concat $fnamecore ".ts")))
                    (find-file (concat $fnamecore ".ts"))
                  (find-file $path))))
          (if (file-exists-p (concat $path ".el"))
              (find-file (concat $path ".el"))
            (when (y-or-n-p (format "file no exist: 「%s」. Create?" $path))
              (find-file $path ))))))))