emacs 可以动态的调整窗口大小吗?



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请问您用同时用nswbuff吗?我在nswbuff包里面看到 “ Packages such as zoom and golden-ratio automatically resize windows to ensure that the active window always has a certain minimum size. There is no point in resizing the buffer switching window, however, so in order to prevent that from happening, you should add the name of the nswbuff status buffer to golden-ratio-exclude-buffer-names or zoom-ignored-buffer-names . This name defaults to " *nswbuff*" (without the double quotes; note the initial space).” 但是我尝试以后nswbuff还是会改变大小,我的配置不知道对不对,如下: (require 'zoom) (custom-set-variables '(zoom-mode t) '(zoom-size '(0.618 . 0.618)) '(zoom-ignored-major-modes '(dired-mode treemacs-mode ranger-mode python-mode)) '(zoom-ignored-buffer-names '( nswbuff)) '(temp-buffer-resize-mode t) ;; '(zoom-ignored-buffer-name-regexps '("^\b")) ) 能帮我看看吗?