emacs的version control下能删除文件吗?


svn del <file>
svn commit

但是,查看 emacs version control 的命令好像只有添加/更新的操作,没有涉及删除的操作,请问各位emacs中有什么好办法在 vc 下删除文件吗?

C-x v v     vc-next-action -- perform the next logical control operation on file
C-x v i     vc-register -- add a new file to version control
C-x v +     vc-update -- Get latest changes from version control
C-x v ~     vc-version-other-window -- look at other revisions
C-x v =     vc-diff -- diff with other revisions
C-x v u     vc-revert-buffer -- undo checkout
C-x v c     vc-cancel-version -- delete the latest revision (often it makes more sense to look at an old revision and check that in again!)
C-x v d     vc-directory -- show all files which are not up to date
C-x v g     vc-annotate -- show when each line in a tracked file was added and by whom
C-x v s     vc-create-snapshot -- tag all the files with a symbolic name
C-x v r     vc-retrieve-snapshot -- undo checkouts and return to a snapshot with a symbolic name
C-x v l     vc-print-log -- show log (not in ChangeLog format)
C-x v a     vc-update-change-log -- update ChangeLog
C-x v m     vc-merge
C-x v h     vc-insert-headers
M-x vc-resolve-conflicts -- pop up an ediff-merge session on a file with conflict markers

你试试本地把这个文件删除了,然后 C-x v d (vc-dir) 进入 vc-dir,m (vc-dir-mark) 选中 removed 的文件,最后 C-x v v (vc-next-action) 试试。

另外似乎 C-x v xvc-delete-file