Emacs 现在不需要 ImageMagick 也可以缩放图片了

Emacs now supports resizing (scaling) of images without ImageMagick.
All modern systems are supported by this feature.  (On GNU and Unix
systems, the XRender extension to X11 is required for this to be
available; the configure script will test for it and, if found, enable

The new function 'image-scaling-p' can be used to test whether any
given frame supports resizing.

这个 XRenderdebian 下叫作 libxrender1 libxrender-dev,debian 好像是默认安装好的

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要 27.1 才有? 还在 26.2,没有 image-scaling-p 这个函数

windows 27.2,还是没查到有这个 image-scaling-p 函数