Emacs EXWM

My new emacs desktop, thanks to EXWM

Your life has been leading up to this moment. Perhaps it first started innocently with an interest in org-mode or lisp. Spacemacs or Doom were gateway drugs. Now you spend more time tweaking your 20,000-line init.el than ACTUALLY doing your work. Your friends stopped calling, you didn’t notice.

This is doom emacs running as my X window manager using exwm.

• ⁠On the right is gnome-terminal (you know how all emacs terminals suck? problem solved)

• ⁠my init.el is in the middle

• ⁠Firefox is on the left.

• ⁠In the bottom-right is exwm’s system tray, I often run nm-applet there for wifi config on my laptop.

• ⁠All this has sensible defaults, and is totally customisable in elisp.

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All external terminals are not integrated well in emacs, while internal terminals could not show as a floating window and this troubles me a little…

这个插件用了浮动 frame 来显示候选列表,也许类似技巧能实现你的需求。

正在尝试在树莓派上启用 exwm

我的使用情景是 redhat+Spacemacs+exwm Layer


印象中 @manateelazycat 在开发 EAF 还是 Snails 遇到 emacs 得不到焦点的问题,但我不记得在哪里说的了,帮你骚扰下他😄️