Determine which of running servers, an emacsclient attached to ?

Reference to the post 开启多个Emacs daemon - Emacs-general - Emacs China,
I revised the as

$ head
#! /bin/bash
    #starting emacs servers
    emacs --daemon=orging
    emacs --daemon=coding
    #invoke emacsclients
    emacsclient -c -s "orging" &
    emacsclient -c -s "coding" &
    } &> /dev/null

Two clients run respectively under servers of orging and coding.

A problem occurred to this situation is that the invoked running clients are not labelled with appropriate server names.

So a manual steps of testing might be need to determine who is who.

As an alternative, the servers could be scheduled with one running at the top , the other at the end after starting from in the,

How could determine which server a client attached in a straightforward way on a working frame?




什么意思?Emacs Client 运行起来就是 Server 本身。

server-name ?

我想到怎么弄了, 用emacsclient 打开不同的文件.

eamcsclient  *.org -c -s 'orging' 
emacsclient *.py -c -s  'coding' 


It could be determined by

describe-variable -'server-name`