carbonyl ,一个终端内的浏览器

Github: GitHub - fathyb/carbonyl: Chromium running inside your terminal


我觉得还挺利好 Emacs 的,因为这样在一些富网页也可以直接使用快捷键复制取词了。




对比 Browsh ,优点是性能好而且不那么破坏布局。

### Browsh

Browsh is the original "normal browser into a terminal" project. It starts Firefox in headless mode and connects to it through an automation protocol.

#### Pro

* It's easier to update the underlying browser: just update Firefox
* This makes development easier: just install Firefox and compile the Go code in a few seconds
* As of today, Browsh supports extensions while Carbonyl doesn't, although it's on our roadmap

#### Cons

* It runs slower and requires more resources than Carbonyl. 50x more CPU power is needed for the same content in average, that's because Carbonyl does not downscale or copy the window framebuffer, it natively renders to the terminal resolution.
* It uses custom stylesheets to fix the layout, which is less reliable than Carbonyl's changes to its HTML engine (Blink).