Reddit: Emacs 忏悔大会


metaobject• 6d When I helped my son set up a minecraft server on Linux, I forced him to learn emacs when he wanted to update some simple bash scripts.

zreeon • 6d Using vi isn’t a sin, it’s a penance

一入 emacs 深似海,从此屌丝名在身

“Wait, did you just edit your .emacs with Vim?” Me: “Yes. That is exactly what I just did…”



If my .emacs wasn’t broken I could edit it in emacs now couldn’t I!



Unsure whether you are joking or not :slight_smile: 固定链接embed上级 [–]emacsguy[S] 9分 6天前 No, I’m not joking. Only a week ago, did I figure out that there’s a new fangled .emacs.d and init.el thing. I’ve been using .emacs since '93 or so. Guess I missed a NEWS item somewhere along the lines! 固定链接embed上级 [–]weevyl 7分 6天前 We are in synch. I learned about init.el about a week ago. And I’ve been using emacs for 20+ years!

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最想忏悔的就是把 EGO 项目坑了吧……

虽然目前版本能够使用,也会进行长期维护,不过 V 2.0 的美好愿景一直停留在愿景阶段。

然后还有 tyuuni-keyboard ……我希望能通过它让 emacs-china 能成为一个可持续发展的社区,而不是只依赖于各位的好心,不过现在进度也不是那么顺利……

即使整个 Emacs 配置崩坏,也无法浇灭我对你爱的火焰; Emacs 配置坏了吗?坏了。 所以 …… 我依然爱你!

泪流满面 ing…… :sob:

整个Emacs配置崩坏最大的可能性是: 手贱输入了 rm -rf ~/.emacs.d



daily commit 必须的