SPC TAB不能切换到SPC p f打开的buffer

SPC p f打开的文件,使用SPC TAB,切换出去后,再按一次,切换不回来了。SPC p b 列表里面有,SPC b b列表里面没有。

有个github issue有和我一样的问题。

I also found out that alternate-buffer doesn’t work with buffer switch off from buffer opened by counsel-projectile-find-file. Simply speaking, when I open a buffer with counsel-projectile-find-file, I can switch back to the previous buffer successfully but I could not switch back to buffer opened by projectile. It feels like the buffer opened by projectile never got “remembered”.

I just add (persp-add-buffer) to the end of SPC f j function, it seem work fine for me.