Spacemacs Shotcut collection

hi all,

I try to collect most used shortcut of Spacemacs in my daily life in the github.

If you have any recomendation, please let me know. Please follow the rule to give the detailed introduction then all the guys can use it.

Here is a series of useful shortcut about spacemacs I would like to share them one by one with some pattern

Index Category Description Dependency Shortcut Screenshoot

Thanks. BRs Kevin

可以让大家反馈自己的 keyfreq (插件), 然后收集起来,通过统计排序,列出最需要被使用的命令.

好啊,欢迎大家的反馈,我可以整理到我的 github 上去,以后在哪里都能找到快捷键