Rmail from imap.qq.com

“Rmail is the primary Emacs mail-reader. I don’t know how many people currently use it, but I will ignore any suggestion to treat it as unimportant.”RichardStallman [1]

读完了Rmail的文档, 参考stack emacs里的几个问题, 配置成:

;; Reading Mail
(setq rmail-preserve-inbox t)
;;(setq rmail-movemail-flags '("--tls"))
(setq rmail-primary-inbox-list '("imap://abst.proc.do:[email protected]:993"))
(setq rmail-movemail-program "movemail")
(setq rmail-movemail-search-path "/usr/bin/movemail")


To: [email protected]
Subject: Testing Rmail
From: [email protected] (abst.proc.do)
--text follows this line--
Testing Rmail

M-x Rmail后, 提示

Getting mail from the remote server...
movemail:  invalid server response:  movemail: MU_ERR_BADREPLY:mailbox `imap://[email protected]:993': cannot open: Invalid reply from the remote host
(No new mail has arrived)
0 new messages read
No mail. [2 times]


There are two versions of the movemail program: the GNU Mailutils version (see movemail), and an Emacs-specific version that is built and installed unless Emacs was configured --with-mailutils in effect. The two movemail versions support the same command line syntax and the same basic subset of options. However, the Mailutils version offers additional features and is more secure.


$ which movemail


(setq rmail-movemail-search-path "/usr/bin/movemail")


movemail: invalid server response: movemail: MU_ERR_BADREPLY:

是怎么回事? 还需要哪些设置?