msys2 git pull 老是出问题,有哪位同学了解是什么情况

正克隆到 ‘./package/rime/cangjie’… 0 [main] git-remote-https 11418 child_info_fork::abort: ??\C:\msys32\usr\bin\msys-unistring-2.dll: Loaded to different address: parent(0x5D0000) != child(0x840000) error: cannot fork() for fetch-pack: Resource temporarily unavailable Retry … Run bash rime-install …

看上去像是你的msys2 dll默认加载地址有一些重复的,所以fork以后父进程和子进程里的同一dll被迫加载到不同地址上(因为那个地址已经被其他dll占用了),然而这个dll编译时被标记成不允许重定位的,动态链接时就报错了。 随便搜索了一下这里有个修复方法,


If this is happen even after restarting MSYS2, then you need:
1. Close all MSYS2 processes
2. Run autorebase.bat
3. Start MSYS2 again

During running autorebase.bat there are can be some issues that you can't see if you just double-clicked it. You can open cmd, cd to MSYS2 directory and run autorebase under cmd to see what happen.