[Help wanted] Merge emacs-ccls into lsp-mode?

I haven’t written any decent elisp code for ~3 years now and admittedly I have forgotten the little elisp knowledge I used to have. Upgrading doom-emacs has been a challenge for me as I’d be difficult to deal with possible breakage. (Also, sorry to admit that but I have also shifted some editor usage to neovim.) I am not able to properly maintain https://github.com/MaskRay/emacs-ccls anymore. There has been a few client-side issues I would probably never know how to address.

Would it be a good idea to merge emacs-ccls into lsp-mode and take advantage of the large community? :slight_smile:

If you are interested, please let me know. If you use emacs-ccls, please show your interest, it may help someone to get decided:)

Feel free to rename functions or variables. I still know how to adapt my key bindings:)

edit: This has been resolved by transferring emacs-ccls to the emacs-lsp organization.

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转neovim, 弃坑elisp啦?

我也在尝试neovim : )


ccls 之于 clangd 现在的优势是实现了 call hierarchy。但是由于实现时 lsp 协议还没有对应的 spec,所以不是那么规范。

clangd 现在也有 call hierarchy,clangd-vscode 已经实现了。


还真是,不过 lsp-mode 要使用居然还需要装 lsp-treemacs