GNU Hyperbole 8.0.0 发布


没看懂是做什么的 :thinking:

挺复杂的,相当于是给纯文本增加更多互动性,demo 里部分演示和 hydra 有点像,但它还可以设置按钮什么的,没太看明白。

我也没看明白,只知道他和 emacs 和 markup 有关系。。。

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Reddit 上翻到一个人他怎么使用,然后作者也承认其实和 embark 有点类似:

I use hyperbole consistently and had the same difficulty you did wrapping my head around it. I started in the following way:

  1. I began using HyControl first. What does this do? You get a neat way to manipulate windows and frames from the keyboard. It’s easily the simplest thing to begin with.
  2. I started using global buttons next. I used to litter my filesystem with small 3-4 line shell scripts. I don’t anymore because I’ve added global buttons to encapsulate the scripts and call them. Same thing with elisp functions I’ve written, I don’t typically call them interactively anymore but use the global buttons to call and organize them.
  3. I expanded from global buttons to explicit buttons added to files. My personal favorite are my <encrypt> and <decrypt> buttons in an org-file as I don’t need to remember org-encrypt-entry and org-decrypt-entry as the buttons wrap those for me.
  4. I then started using implicit buttons. These are actually the easiest of everything I’ve mentioned so far but they didn’t make sense to me for the longest time.
  5. I gave the outliner a fair shake. It works well and has a neat functionality–you can reference other cells and the reference will update when the target cell moves. Personally, I can’t see using it very often as I like org-mode more. However, I’d say it would be a great choice for people working in environments where requirements tracking is crucial (e.g. CMMI).
  6. I started using HyRolo for my personal contacts. It’s fine but not particularly compelling.

Capabilities I barely use:

  • search
  • section marking (this isn’t the right name but it’s fundamentally a way to grab text between parens or curly braces).
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我也看不太明白这个是怎么用的,不过当我看到 按钮可以链接到信息或可以执行命令,与外部程序通信,这个感觉就和我的 orgcms 很像了,我就是在org-mode内做了几个按钮,用点击动态改变org buffer内容的办法使其具有一些交互功能

对,和你的想法和做法都有一点相似,只不过它不同的是已经发展出一套库出来了。8.0版本重点是直接可以和 org-mode 搭配着用,期待你动手测试一下。我还在学习 elisp 中,尚未有动手测试的条件。


我遇到的几乎所有稍微复杂点的elisp问题(如解析org文件),都是一个解决办法:发个http请求把数据传给后端php处理,结果返回elisp,包括 弹出补全文档编译elc文件 全都是这招通吃。



作者小哥是真的不会给 talk,听他的报告感觉更糊涂了,上来就是一堆 button。

可以玩个游戏:看小哥的报告,每次他说 “button” 的时候就下楼做一次核酸⋯⋯

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我觉得这个包有点意思,但说实话的, 表达方面真是一言难尽…和你一样,我没办法把视频看完,每一次都不行…

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提醒一下 Emacs 29 用户,想要尝试的话要从 elpa-devel 安装 hyperbole-8.0.1pre



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(setq hkey-init nil) 然后自已绑就可以了。

和 Plan9 ACME 的 Plumber 非常类似,在任意地方写一个链接就可以点击根据 plumber 预定义的 rule 打开,还可以在菜单栏里写字就变成了按键。当然在 Plan9 这甚至是系统全局 GUI 都有效的

这里的几个例子也都在 Hyperbole DEMO 里展示有类似的功能

  • a .ps, .pdf, or .dvi file name invokes the page(1) display program
  • a .gif, .jpg, .png, .ppm file name also invokes page(1) to display them
  • a compiler error message indicating a file and line number will invoke the default text editor to open the file at the given line number
  • a .h file name will search /sys/include for the given header and opens it in the default text editor
  • a man(1) page reference invokes man(1) for the appropriate page
  • a URL opens the default browser for that page
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