First cut on lsp-mode restructoring

這裏還有個project.el vs projectile, core vs non-core 論戰


Hi all,

First of all I want to apologize for not using Chinese if this is against the rules. Also, sorry in advance if I have misunderstood some of the comments after google translation.

I want to share what my view on lsp-mode and to address some of the comments in the thread:

  1. lsp-mode must work at least as good as VSCode which means - everything should work with litle to no configuration. If you have followed lsp-java development it now automatically installs everything, detects the extensions and so on… If something does not require manual configuration in vscode this means that we could handle that automatically too.

  2. With the the new implementation of lsp-mode.el a.k.a. lsp.el I have tried to address all of the problems that were caused by some design decisions.

  3. As @MaskRay pointed out I am primary focused on Java but my main goal is to catch up with VSCode so we could keep up with the development of LSP protocol and eventually attract more contributors.

I believe lsp-mode could handle LSP as good as VSCode does that and even without the dedicated budget and at the same time preserve the Emacs extensibility.

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Thanks for for reply on this thread. (Hmm, I type English because I still have not fixed Fcitx on Firefox…) I agree this idea that lsp-mode should be automatic without configuration.


I am very impressive what you’ve done for lsp-mode! I would like contribute as I promised.

I believe this plan will make the Emacs better and more comfortable for developers. All will be benefited from it! Great plan and keep going… Thank you very much!

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