Emacs 27.1.91 is out


The second pretest for what will be the 27.2 release of Emacs (the extensible text editor) is available at


The tarball is signed; you can get the PGP signature file at


Please give it as much testing as you can.

As always, if you encounter problems building or using Emacs, send a report to [email protected] with full details (if possible, use M-x report-emacs-bug).

Thanks for helping to test Emacs.

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27没啥亮点, 还有一些跟26不一样的行为, 等28

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而最激动人心的native compile又是28里的功能…

27.2 会加入wayland 支持吗

不会,27 后续为 bug 修复。 新特性,新功能看 28。 pgtk 现在还没有合并呢,所以即便 28也要切换为 pgtk 分支才行。

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