company issue

mac os X 
emacs : 27.2
spacemacs : develop latest

When I wrote a markdown file and always pop up this issue. What is the root cause? Is there any way to fix it?

Company: An error occurred in auto-begin
Company: frontend company-box-frontend error "Wrong type argument: listp, company-tooltip" on command show

把 company-box 更新到最新版就好了

PS: company 那边有些变更,支持 icon 了

非常感谢,还有一个问题 请教一下,在Mac OS 环境里,emacs 全屏模式下,company 的提示框会扇动,之后生成一个空白的窗口,当前的窗口还在,不知道这个什么情况, 这个好像也和 company-box 有关

我把这一行注销掉,就没这个问题了 auto-completion-use-company-box t

 (auto-completion :variables
                  auto-completion-complete-with-key-sequence-delay 0.1
                  auto-completion-idle-delay 0.1
                  auto-completion-enable-snippets-in-popup t
                  auto-completion-enable-help-tooltip 't
                  ;; auto-completion-use-company-box t
                  auto-completion-enable-sort-by-usage t)