"C-c f1" 运行的是什么命令?

Start emacs with emacs -nw -Q.

Typing C-c f1 in *scratch*:

Global Bindings Starting With C-c:
key             binding
---             -------

But what command C-c f1 runs?

M-x describe-key RET C-c f1

    C-c <f1> is undefined

C-c F1 本身没有定义,这在是看以 C-c 前缀的目前可用命令都有哪些

看一下 help-event-list , help-char, prefix-help-command 的文档。

prefix-help-command is a variable defined in C source code.



Command to run when help-char character follows a prefix key.

This command is used only when there is no actual binding
for that character after that prefix key.
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